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Sharon Sirignano, LME

Licensed Esthetician

Meet Sharon, a highly accomplished Board Certified Medical Aesthetician with over a decade of experience in medical aesthetics. With ten years spent in a plastic surgeon's office, she has honed her skills in specialized treatments like chemical peels, laser hair removal, IPL, Micro-needling RF, and traditional needling, ensuring clients receive cutting-edge procedures.

Sharon's expertise extends to medical-grade skincare lines such as Zo, SkinBetter, VI Peel, SkinCeuticals, Alastian, and Elta MD. This knowledge enables her to create personalized skincare routines that address individual concerns for optimal results.

Additionally, Sharon is an instructor at Stonhart, where she empowers aspiring aestheticians with the latest techniques and industry insights, fostering confidence and competence. She stays ahead in the evolving aesthetics industry through continuous learning at industry-leading trainings and trade shows, ensuring the highest standard of care and education for her clients and students.

Some of Sharron's favorite products include:

  • ZO Gentle cleanser followed by complexation pads

  • Skinbetter Science: Alpha Ret Exfoliating pads and Alpharet Clear

  • Alastin: Hydratint SPF and Polish

Sharon Sirignano

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