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CosmeticsMD Rewards Program

Earn CosmeticsMD points at every visit!

CosmeticsMD Loyalty Program FAQs

How do I join the CosmeticsMD Loyalty Program?

As a guest, you are automatically enrolled in our FREE loyalty rewards program with no sign-up required. 


How are points earned?

For every $1 spent on services and pre-tax product purchases, you earn 1 point. 


Can I transfer or share my loyalty benefits with others?

No, the program is non-transferable, and benefits are for the exclusive use of the enrolled client. Points may not be shared, transferred, or distributed.


What can points be redeemed for?

Loyalty points can be redeemed for services, products, and packages. However, points cannot be redeemed for memberships or gift cards.


How are points redeemed, and in what increments?

Points are redeemable in 1,000 point increments.


Are CosmeticsMD points redeemable for cash?

No, points are not redeemable for cash. They are intended for use towards eligible CosmeticsMD purchases and services.


Can I combine Loyalty Program benefits with other special offers or discounts?

No, points cannot be combined with other special offers or discounts unless explicitly stated otherwise in the program rules. However, CosmeticsMD points can be combined with eligible Alle and Aspire points and offers.


Can I use points to purchase a CosmeticsMD Gift Card?

No, points accrued from purchases may not be redeemed to purchase a Gift Card. Points will not be accrued when redeeming a Gift Card.


When do I earn points for referring a friend?

Points for referrals are earned when the referred friend checks out.


How can I track my point balance?

Our system automatically tracks the points you've earned. You can check your balance by asking our client coordinators during a visit or checking your account online. Point balance can also be checked via your client portal and you will also receive regular statement balances for added convenience.


Do you offer ways to earn bonus points?

Yes, bonus points are earned when you refer a new client (500 points), and renew a membership (2,000 points). Plus we’ll offer additional opportunities throughout the year to earn bonus points, so make sure you are enrolled in our email list and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


Do points accrue on tax?

No, points do not accrue on tax. They are earned based on the net purchase amount after deducting any applicable taxes.


Do points expire?

Points expire 365 days after being issued. You’ll receive reminders about point expiry 30 days and 2 weeks prior to maximize the utility of their earned benefits.

CosmeticsMD Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

  • Clients are automatically enrolled in CosmeticsMD free loyalty rewards program. No sign up necessary.

  • Program is non transferable, for use by clients only and subject to present and future program rules. Points are intended for clients only and may not be transferred, shared or distributed. 

  • Not redeemable for cash. Nonrefundable.

  • Points are accrued on purchases of Gift Card and may not be redeemed to purchase a gift card. Points will not be accrued when redeeming a Gift Card.

  • Points are rewarded at time of checkout. 

  • Points do not accrue for tax.

  • Points expire on 365 days after being issued.

  • CosmeticsMD reserves the right to discontinue or change the Loyalty Program at any time, subject to present and future program rules. Any modifications will be communicated through official channels.

Eligible Services and Products:

BOTOX Cosmetic

Juvederm Collection of Fillers



Coolsculpting Elite


+ Earn Alle points on non-Allergan treatments at CosmeticsMD

Every 100 points earns you $10 in savings toward a future Allē product or treatment.

Eligible Services and Products:



Restylane Fillers

​Every 100 points earns you $10 in savings toward a future Galderma product or treatment.

Alle & Aspire Rewards

Earn additional points with Alle & Aspire Rewards programs!

Earn points with every dollar spent! Accrue 1,000 points to earn $20 on services and pre-tax product purchases. Plus, look for opportunities to earn bonus points throughout the year! 


How it works: 

Points are redeemable for services, products, and packages in 1,000 point increments. Points expire 365 days after being issued. ​


Earn bonus points when you:

  • Refer a friend: 500 points. Points are awarded after the friend's first visit.

  • Purchase a membership: 2,000 points

View FAQs and Terms and Conditions

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