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CosmeticsMD offers multiple options to enhance your skin's surface. 


Our Tixel® device offers a revolutionary approach to skin rejuvenation, combining the power of thermal energy with fractional skin resurfacing. Tixel uses heat energy to stimulate collagen production and deliver smoother, firmer, and tighter skin. Tixel is known for its quick treatment sessions and minimal discomfort. It's a great option to help reduce under-eye bags and sagging eyelids as it can be performed in areas that lasers cannot.


Clients typically experience a sensation similar to warm pinpricks during the procedure. With minimal downtime, mild redness and a sunburn-like sensation that subsides within hours to a day, Tixel is a great option for individuals with busy schedules...and it's considered safe for all skin types and tones. ​

Schedule a consultation with one of our Tixel providers to learn about treatment options.