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Morpheus8 and VirtueRF are radiofrequency microneedling devices that address various areas of the body, including the face, neck, upper arms, abdomen, and above the knees. This type of treatment is particularly effective in rejuvenating the delicate eye area by reducing under-eye bags, diminishing dark circles, and enhancing the overall firmness and texture of the skin around and under the eyes.

This innovative procedure delivers noticeable improvements rapidly, typically with minimal to no recovery time, and is suitable for individuals of all skin tones. Our medspa offers treatment packages consisting of three sessions to achieve the best possible results. 

A consultation is required before treatment. For those interested in ongoing maintenance, we also offer single-service treatments as our experienced providers recommend. 

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Abdomen Consultation

Our highly versatile and summer safe ULTRA laser  addresses sun damage, hair restoration, skin tone and texture! LEARN MORE >

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