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Diana Giorlando

Director of Marketing

As our Director of Operations & Marketing, Diana brings over 20 years of experience to our practice. She began working with Middleton Cosmetic & Laser from its inception in 2020 as a marketing and design consultant while continuing to service other clients in various industries across education, non-profits, medicine, technology, and finance. In response to Middleton's rapid growth and ambitious rebranding initiatives, Diana chose to officially join our in-house team on a full-time basis in 2023. She predominantly operates behind the scenes, ensuring seamless operations for our teams while spearheading marketing endeavors to introduce our expertise to fresh audiences in the North Shore region.

"I'm consistently amazed by the remarkable skillset of our team. I have learned so much about this industry through them and want to ensure others know about and get to experience the results of this extremely talented and caring team! Plus, they are just a really fun team to work with!"

Diana Giorlando

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