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Enjoy the peel that doesn't peel! The PRX-T33 Liquid Face Lift (also known as the "unicorn facial"). PRX-T33 is a unique product because it combines the effects of 33% TCA with hydrogen peroxide and Kojic acid for active skin stimulation. Why do we love it? Effective for ALL Fitzpatrick skin types Can be used YEAR-ROUND Can be COMBINED with other frequently offered procedures such as BOTOX, microneedling, PRP, and dermal fillers No downtime! Patients experience instant tightening effects, as well as softening of lines and wrinkles together with an overall brightening and radiance of their complexion. Also effective in reducing the appearance of sunspots. The protocol requires clients to receive the treatment once a week for 4 weeks to be effective. Topical glycolic acid and moisturizing cream is given to you to be used at home between treatments to prolong and enhance the outcome.


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